Membership and Governance

Church Musicians who are current with their dues are considered active; and have the privilege of voting, participating in the Federation's annual conference, receiving awards, and using Federation resources.

The operating year of the Eastern Federation begins with the new Ecclesiastical year on September 1. Annual membership dues of $125 covers the entire group of a parish's church musicians including the choir, chanters, and youth music educators. Please forward a check by September 1 in the amount of $125 to:

c/o P. J. Missiras, Treasurer
603 Marshall Road
Brookhaven, PA 19015


The "Council" is the legislative body of the Federation and is comprised of the Board and the
Choir Director or designated representative from each member parish. (click here to view the EFGOCM Charter)

(click here for complete contact info)


  • President - Paul Mavromihalis,  St. George, Bethesda, MD
  • Vice President - Barbara Bambacus,  SS Constantine and Helen, Richmond, VA
  • Secretary - Miriam Kotsonis,  Holy Trinity, Westfield, NJ
  • Treasurer - P. J. Missiras,  St. Luke, Broomall, PA

District Supervisors

  • Maryland - Fotini Nichols,  Annunciation, Baltimore, MD
  • Virginia - Alexa Garrison,  Ss. Constantine and Helen, Newport News, VA
  • New Jersey - Kathryn Athanasoulas,  Holy Trinity, Westfield, NJ
  • Greater Philadelphia - Pam Sande,  St. Luke, Broomall, PA

Standing Committees  

  • Administration - Kay Kehayas,  St. George, Piscataway, NJ 
  • Communications - Nick Kyrus,  St. Katherine, Falls Church, VA
  • Scholarship - Alexa Garrison,  Ss. Constantine and Helen, Newport News, VA
  • Continuing Education - Miriam Kotsonis, Holy Trinity, Westfield, NJ
  • Youth Initiatives - Sondra Awad,  Ss. Constantine and Helen, Richmond, VA
  • Membeship Database - Susan Karcanes,  Holy Trinity, Westfield, NJ
  • First Mode - Drucie Papafil,  Annunciation, Norfolk, VA